Don & Dr. Dina Preston Ortiz

Dina and Don have worked internationally on behalf of the Department of Defense Armed Forces Entertainment Overseas Program as musicians and U.S. State Department U.S. Embassies speaking on State Craft business initiative.

Through these exceptional experiences and with Dina’s Doctorate in Business Administration firmly grounding their strategy, Dina and Don have gained valuable insight that offers the business community something extraordinary.

Dina and Don are passionate about entrepreneurial thinking. As international speakers, they enjoy sharing their expertise on how to launch and grow companies in environments of constant change. They love coaching on how to capitalize on the unknown while finding solutions in difficult situations and growing the bottom line organically.

As global award-winning musicians, entrepreneurial leadership experts, speakers, and workshop moderators- Dina and Don bring a message of a how-to guide and lead SUCCESS in dynamic environments of constant change!