April 28, 2021

Is it a FAILURE or Lack of ATTEMPT written and narrated by Shiva P Vangala

Episode 10: Is it a FAILURE or a Lack of ATTEMPT written and narrated by Shiva Prasad Vangala


Failure is the foundation for us to understand the true potentiality which we have and which we need to work on to get success in terms of Goals we have If Failure is bringing you depression that's ok. But If you stop by there and entertaining the depression and the situation condition; then it's definitely an acceptance we made to ourselves that we agreed that we are worth nothing. Instead, analyze the data, the number of times you tried doing the same thing again and again, what results you produced; and where you are going wrong, and room for improvement This will give you better clarity when you journal all steps you have taken on each experience which ended up final product as a failure.


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