March 20, 2021

Top 20 Women Leader of 2021 - Elinor Moshe shares insights on Transformation, Self-Talk, & Many More

Top 20 Women Leader of 2021 - Elinor Moshe shares insights on Transformation, Self-Talk, & Many More


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00:10 – Daily WINNER Contest

01:06 – Guest VOICE Lead to the show

03:49 – About herself in her own voice (Elinor Moshe Intro)

06:00 – Transformation Journey

08:02 – Personal Brand - Key things to ask to find the right mentors

10:40 – One Thing that People Don’t Know about Elinor Moshe (Even Now)

12:00 – Women Entrepreneurship Roadblocks

16:10 – Career in the Construction Industry in coming 10 years

18:20 – Guidance on Mid of Transformation Journey Road Block

21:30 – About Constructing Your Career BOOK (Key Elements)

23:30 – Constructing YOU program and Key Elements

26:00 – Broken Mindset about Wealth

28:00 – Coming out of Comfort Zone

31:10 – Importance of Self-Talk

33:40 – Removing Mid Transformation Journey Road Block

35:30 – Mindset, Heart Set, Soul Set - not body set ;-) - Practice

38:00 – Thought-Provoking Advice from Elinor Moshe

39:50 – Rapid FIRE

40:50 – VOTE of Thanks to Guest Elinor Moshe


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Elinor Moshe

I guide, inspire and direct industry professionals and future leaders to construct their career in construction so they can achieve more recognition, higher compensation and faster career progression.

How do I do this? Well, I equip construction industry professionals with practical skills, insights and tools to construct their career. Because construction professionals are working with outdated practices that are preventing them from achieving their potential and seeing what's possible.

The Construction Coach is my business, which is Australia's first construction coach. I am also the host of the industry leading podcast like no other - Constructing You. You can also read my #1 Best Seller, Constructing Your Career, which is a world first book for careers in construction offering practical action and a holistic approach to career construction.

Why do I do this? You see, I too once stood at the precipice of the construction industry, looking in, not knowing what it looks like, where to go, and also, who I need to be to have a successful career. It can be daunting and unfamiliar - I felt lost, confused and overwhelmed, which is why I am here to lead you into it and through it - fast and with conviction and confidence.

You would have seen me in Yahoo! Finance, Australian National Construction Review, Property Council of Australia's Top 500 Women in Property programme 2019, Top 100 Women in Construction. I am a coveted speaker and panelist - public speaking is my thing, I am not shy of the microphone.